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Addressing Blight and Vacant Properties in Review – May 22nd

Recently, the Maggie Walker CLT held the forum: “Smart Strategies for Addressing Vacant and Blighted Properties.”  We were honored to have Kim Graziani from the Center for Community Progress and David Mann from the Lucas County Land Bank as our keynote speakers. We have attached all the speakers’ power points, and the link to the VA Land Bank Entities Act.

Kim Graziani, Vice President and Director of National Technical Assistance, Center for Community Progress.  Presenting: Community Progress – National Perspective

David Mann, President and CEO, Lucas County Land Bank.  Presentation: Community Progress – Local Perspective

Fabrizio Fasulo, Director, Center for Urban and Regional Analysis, VCU Data.  Presentation: Landscape of Blight

Jonathan Knopf, Senior Associate of Research and Programs, Housing & Development Advisors.  Presentation: Vacant Property Data

Earl Reynolds, Assistant City Manager, Danville.  Presentation: Danville, Va

Dan Cohen, Senior Project Manager, City of Richmond.  Presentation: Divine Economics

Brandy Cramer, Cameron Foundation, Petersburg.  Presentation: Cameron Foundation & Petersburg

Lane Pearson, Attorney, Mark Fleckenstein & Associates, P.C.  Complete Va Land Bank Entities Act

Stacy Pethia, Housing Program Coordinator, City of Charlottesville

Bob Adams, CEO, Maggie Walker CLT and Land Bank. Presentation: MWCLT & Vacant Properties