Patricia Trotta

Richmond SPCA

Patricia Trotta is a Richmonder with an eclectic range of interests. After a tenure in the VCU Pep Band for her undergraduate degree (with many NCAA tournament experiences later), she served student-athletes as a tutor in the VCU Department of Athletics, while completing her Master’s in Public Administration (MPA). More recently, she is a proud cancer survivor and advocates for accessible housing in order to create a healthier community.
After graduating with her MPA in May 2019, she works at the Susan M Markel Veterinary Hospital at the Richmond SPCA, supporting medical staff in providing accessible veterinary care to our region’s furry friends.
When she’s not working you can see her at VCU Athletic events, spending time with her siblings in the city, and listening to sports radio. She recently moved into her MWCLT home with her husband Ben and their two animal companions, Mo and Malcolm.