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Applications are now available in 2 forms: as a standard pdf and as a fillable PDF.  The fillable PDF can be completed on your computer, but must be done in one sitting and printed.  It will not save your content.  The standard PDF form needs to be printed and filled in by hand.

If you have any questions, please email or call 804-915-6729.

Completed applications can be submitted in one of three ways. Please keep an original copy for your own records:

1. Email the PDF application and supporting documents to,
2. Fax application and documents to 804-915-6729, or
3. Mail or hand-deliver hard copies to:

Maggie Walker Community Land Trust
Homeownership Program
203 N. Robinson St.

Richmond, Virginia 23220

Minimum Loan Pre-qualification Amount

MWCLT applicants must have a pre-qualification letter from an approved MWCLT lender for a mortgage loan of a minimum home sales price of $130,000.

Maximum Asset Limit

MWCLT has a maximum asset limit for eligible applicants equivalent to 25% of the unsubsidized sales price of the home. For details on what qualifies as an asset and how to calculate the asset limit for your application, please contact

Buyer Prioritization Policy

Once you have completed your application and entered the applicant pool, you will be notified when a home becomes available. If more than one applicant expresses interest in a home, a buyer will be selected based on the buyer prioritization criteria. The purpose of this policy is to prioritize applicants who have greater need because of historical and ongoing systemic inequities.

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