1810 3rd Ave – Coming Soon!

1810 3rd Ave – Coming Soon!



1,190 sq. ft.

Welcome to 1810 3rd Ave, a Maggie Walker Community Land Trust Home. The improvements are sold to qualified purchasers only and the land is conveyed to a trust. This brand new, two-story home is currently finishing up construction in the quiet Highland Park neighborhood, just up the road from MCV and other Downtown locations.
This 2 bedroom 2.5 bath home with 1,190SF has hardiboard exterior siding, hardwood floors throughout and high-end finishes in the kitchen and bath. The home includes a generous front porch and gracious back patio perfect for entertaining. Ceiling fans, an eat-in kitchen and new, energy-efficient mechanical systems and appliances. Ample closet and storage space throughout the home.

These homes are for those making 115% AMI (Area Median Income) or lower.

Family Size115% AMI
1 person$67,000
2 people$76,600
3 people$86,150
4 people$95,700
5 people$103,400
6 people$111,050

October 2019